From The Archives-April

A selection from a shoot with the band Far Far Away. As a live act, Far Far Away will leave you with a shiver down your spine. They combine lyrics that include science fiction themes blended with infectious melodies delivered with fire & brimstone intensity. I created the concept for this image after listening to their song "Ghosts of Icy Climes." Composite image was shot using a reflector in front and a large softbox behind.

©2014 Jacob Long

From The Archives-March

This was a somewhat spontaneous shot from a photo shoot with the band Oh No Fiasco. A lot of my photo and design work focuses on composite art, it's a genre I enjoy working in. The band's label needed an album cover, the elements in the photo were props I had brought along for the shoot. It was shot using two reflectors and a large octodome overhead.  Ultimately the shot was rejected by the label after it was deemed to be "too violent." (more on that below.)

©2014 Jacob Long


©2014 Jacob Long

A selection of album cover concepts I created for the release of Oh No Fiasco's EP No One's Gotta Know. These designs were also rejected by the label for various reasons. It's not a secret- so I don't mind saying it again. The album design the label decided to go with was a weak concept that undermined the band's image. I felt it was in poor taste, it depicted an image of Lindsey's battered face. I felt it portrayed violence against women, something I am vehemently against. 


Video- Fifth Street Saints "Lucky"

Here it is, the lyric video for the new Fifth Street Saints single "Lucky!" I had a lot of fun working on this one. It's a fictional account that takes place in Vegas during the military nuclear testing in the 50's. It's a story of love, revenge, corruption and nuclear war. Be sure to check out the Fifth Street Saints at

Portrait Session- Nick Hickman

Met for a portrait session with country music singer Nick Hickman at Marie's Old Towne Tavern, one of my favorite locations in Knoxville. It was a rainy day, which I happen to love for manipulating lighting situations. I shot Nick's indoor shots with a single light bounced into my favorite broken umbrella and used the natural overcast lighting for the outdoor shots. Be sure to check out Nick's new single "Summertime, Southern Style." 

©2013 Jacob Long