Gun Photography - Custom AK47 M10

Always fun to shoot custom weapons! This is an AK47 M10 variation with Magpul furniture. Upgrades include Tapco drop in trigger, iron night sights, charging handle cover and quick-release strap system. Lighting was a large Octodome overhead, camera-left and a bare strobe camera-left, level with the objects in the frame. 

©2015 Jacob Long

One Light Portrait - College Athletes

While working on a video recently, I found out the client also needed stills for posters for a promotion. I only had one strobe with me so I set it up with an umbrella to shoot some "dramatic" style portraits. Both models were great, Ian plays basketball for the University of Tennessee and Fred plays football for Merrimack College. The lighting was one strobe, fired into a white umbrella, camera-left of the models. 

©2015 Jacob Long

#Staythepath Video Footage Selected for Calia By Carrie Underwood

The video footage I shot with (awesome) Fitness Model Sarah (top left) has been selected for the next #staythepath video for Carrie Underwood's clothing line Calia! Sarah will be traveling to New York to represent Calia as a runway model for fashion week! Great Job Sarah! 

World Premiere: Hungry As A Hostage - Mask On | Mask Off Music Video

World premiere of the Mask On | Mask Off music video for H.A.H. AKA Hungry As A Hostage. As soon as I heard the artist wanted to do a Halloween themed video I knew I was in on this project. The video features an industrial location inside a metal shop with the artist portrayed as a horror film character set on revenge. Check out his music at (Contains language that may be NSFW).

(Digital) Lith Printing

I've been working on a new technique for creating digital Lith images for printing. With traditional wet darkroom printing, the trick to creating Lith prints was the combination of paper and special chemistry solutions used and the control of highlights by exposure time and shadows by development time. The end result is a grainy, but dream-like image that has a muted color tonal range beyond traditional black and white darkroom printing. Recreating that effect digitally is an equally experimental and time consuming process.

©2015 Jacob Long

Portraits with H.A.H. (Hungry As A Hostage)

I had a short break between filming scenes for a music video to shoot a couple of portraits with artist H.A.H. (Hungry As A Hostage). Check out his music at These were done in a dark living room in front of a grey seamless, there were 2 LED lights in front of him, 2 LED lights on the seamless and one LED light behind him. 

©2015 Jacob Long